What is the First Step to Success?


“Believing in yourself is the first step to success” – Anonymous

Success:  we all want it, right?   But do we all want to believe in ourselves?  Or maybe we just don’t know how to believe in ourselves.

Well, clearly, as it says above – the FIRST step to success is to believe in yourself.   But what about the next 10,000 steps?

I don’t believe it’s as simple as merely taking “steps”, do you?   Don’t get me wrong, taking steps  towards success is good, and step-by-step methods help you achieve things at a comfortable pace.

So to achieve success in this life:  use steps, but TRUE success takes quite a bit more than that.

You have to add quite a few things into the mix to achieve true success.    Daily action is one vital to achieving success in life.

The Bible says that love conquers all, so, of course you need to love others and love yourself, but just be sure not to love yourself more than others.    This is why we have the English word, “conceited”, in our vocabulary.

There truly is a MYRIAD of things that contribute, and

I’m sure I could take another 10 paragraphs talking about all the various virtues, attitudes and disciplines that all contribute to achieving lifelong, and true success, but I’ll save that for another time, another article (stay tuned).  😉

What’s important to take away, right now, is that you have to ask yourself these three questions:

1.  What areas in life do I want to achieve success?  Because it comes in many forms.

2.  What magnitudes, or levels of success do I want to achieve before I reach a certain age?

3.  How much patience and endurance do I have to stay the course, run the race, and push through adversity that is, I GUARANTEE this now, GOING TO COME MY WAY.

Because EVERYONE (and I strongly emphasize “everyone”) who has achieved success in the eyes of masses, has FORGED their paths straight through adversity!

Never give up!  Never give in!   No matter what comes your way, you have to BULLDOZE through it!  It’s a tough fight, but it’s WORTH it.   When you get into your 40s and 50s (if you aren’t already), you will appreciate and love yourself for soldiering through.  Now, I’m only 37 years young right now.   And, I’ve been experiencing tremendous amounts of success lately and am seeing the rewards ALREADY of bulldozing through adversity, obstacles and challenges!

So, I’m looking forward to my 40s and 50s now to see what adversities are on their way, and what GREATER subsequent rewards are following behind them.   

What are your thoughts on success?   Please leave them in the comments below.  BULLDOZE through the adversity in your head that is keeping you too shy to share your thoughts.  Be COURAGEOUS and share this with a friend or two.  😉

God bless you.
~ Adrian and Jocelyn Frank
CEO/Owners of Adrian Frank Consulting
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About Adrian Frank Consulting

I provide Personal and Business Development Coaching to help you in your personal and business endeavors. I am a very much, God-loving, people-loving person who makes it my mission in life to help as many people as I can achieve as much success in life as they desire! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and know that I am available to help you with anything you need.
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