“If You Are Not Willing to Learn, no one Can Help You”…


Be determined to learn!

If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you.  If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”

Are you determined to learn today?   If you are, then you are, quite simply:  unstoppable.

But how does being determined to learn make you unstoppable?

Well, if you are determined, then it doesn’t matter what people say or think, right?  Because your determination is not based in other peoples’ thoughts and other peoples’ words about you, or to you.   You are determined to learn because YOU decided, and made up your mind to learn!

Being determined to learn is the most effective route to finding true success and happiness in your life.


Because adversity will keep coming your way.  Count on it.  Prepare for it.  Plan on it.  No matter how easy your life may have been up to this point, adversity will come!

If your life is easy, and you don’t face much adversity, then take a look at your life.   If you’re not encountering adversity then you’re likely not taking any risks.

All the truly great history-makers and history-changers throughout the ages before us, were determined people, who took risks! And all the greats who will be in the ages to come…also will take risks!

That’s how you excel past your fellow man who would rather “take it easy”, and “be safe than sorry”; will stay mired in mediocrity.   These unmotivated, frightened and cowardly people will never achieve what YOU will achieve because you risked things and were DETERMINED to learn, grow and excel!

Are you a history-maker or history-changer today?  If the answer is yes, then don’t be a coward, click like on this article and leave your comments below (you may leave a link to your site below your comment in a tiny signature line).

Determine for yourself, that right now, you’re going to share this with a friend or two, courageously!  😉

God bless you.
~ Adrian and Jocelyn Frank
CEO/Owners of Adrian Frank Consulting
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About Adrian Frank Consulting

I provide Personal and Business Development Coaching to help you in your personal and business endeavors. I am a very much, God-loving, people-loving person who makes it my mission in life to help as many people as I can achieve as much success in life as they desire! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and know that I am available to help you with anything you need.
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