Google Calendar Syncs With Lego Calendar?

Google Calendar

Using a camera on a smartphone, a design studio named Vitamins from London, England, created a wall-mounted Lego time planner that can be synchonized with Google Calender.

These designers from London were on a quest to organize better while at their office.  These were their requirements:   it had to cover a few months ahead of time, it had to work both offline and online, like in Google Calendar and it had to be big.  They decided to use Legos.

Vitamins built a large, wall-mounted calendar using Legos.  Flat, grey pieces were used as the base and represented days of the week.  Represented by a custom minifigure character, each person has their own row on the calendar. Different colors of bricks are used to signify the various projects.

Google Calendar

Satisfying the studio’s offline needs, the Lego wall calendar still needed the online component.  So a custom software piece was created that synchronizes with the online calendar when the Lego calendar is updated.  For instance, if you affix a blue brick on Tuesday, it updates the time online with a blue brick showing which project is currently underway.

Google CalendarThen a photograph is taken of the calendar, e-mailed to a particular email address and the syncing with Google Calendar takes place!

The software updates the online component, after checking the image for its color and position.  So that anyone can use this software to create their own Lego, Google Calendar, Vitamins promises to share the code soon!

The only “downside”, if you can call it that, is that this Lego calendar might be “too much” fun in the workplace that it would be very difficult to resist the temptation to build fun toys and little buildings onto the calendar surface!

Here is a fun YouTube short video report of this innovative, fun Lego calendar:
Click the link of this Lego calendar by Vitamins from Vitamins on Vimeo.

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