Tornado Watch Ends as Storms Travel Through Area

tornado watch

Heavy winds swept from west to east through the Philadelphia area with a line of showers.  However, a widespread tornado watch ended by 4:30 p.m. that included southeastern Pennsylvania counties and New Jersey.

According to meteorologist Mitchell Gaines of the National Weather Service, by mid-afternoon, rain was falling throughout the western suburbs, with some areas getting soaked with up to an inch of rain per hour.

More than 2,000 customers in the New Hope and Solebury region in Bucks County remained without power, however, at 4 p.m.   This was the hardest hit area, even though several sporadically-located areas reported more than 100 customers without power.

A spokeswoman, Liz Williamson, said “We are working to restore service as safely and as quickly as possible”.

Gaines added, “The tornado watch should be ending in the next hour or so in the Philadelphia area, however rain will likely be continuing into the early evening hours.”

Conditions make a tornado possible, which is the very purpose for the tornado watch.

A more serious tornado watch warning could be issued for specific areas if rotating clouds are observed.

No tornado was spotted, nor was there a warning issued, but some rotation was detected in eastern Hunterdon County, N.J., with included the Lambertville area.

“Rain could be less heavy but steady this evening,” Gaines said, “after the volative weather moves through this afternoon.”

Now that the tornado watch is mostly over, Philadelphia should see highs around 70 degrees, perhaps even in the upper 60s for several days, and the temperatures should drop to around the 50 degree mark.

Enjoy this very interesting 3-minute National Geographic video about the birth of a tornado: 

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