More Scandals Than Any Other President in History?


To my memory, I don’t remember a SINGLE American president in our entire history whom has accumulated more SCANDALS in his administration than our current sitting president!

And, bear in mind, he’s not done yet…and this is just a PARTIAL LIST:

Spying on German Chancellor
IRS Targeting
Spying on Reporters
Inadequate security at Benghazi attacks
Operation Fast and Furious

Here is a complete list (it’s a LONG one) of all the scandals, misdeeds, crimes and blunders if you’re interested in keep track of the TRUTH about the man you voted in…twice (I sure did NOT vote for him myself!):

Now this isn’t “keeping a record of wrongs”. This is a call to accountability for our highest office in the land.

Shouldn’t we hold the PRESIDENT of our nation, the “ruler of the free world”, to the highest of standards and keep fresh in our minds what he’s doing lest we bury our proverbial heads in the sand?


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God bless you.
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3 Responses to More Scandals Than Any Other President in History?

  1. Either you have a very limited memory, or an inadequate education in American History. As most ordinary high school students can tell you, the Presidential Administration with the most scandals, by a wide margin, was that of Ulysses S. Grant. These were not nonsense items like bowing to heads of foreign countries, or adopting “Forward!” as a motto (from the “complete list” provided in your link), but actual crimes involving millions of dollars stolen from taxpayers. This is just a short summary:

    Black Friday – Speculators tied to Grant corner the gold market and ruin the economy for several years. (1869)
    New York custom house ring – Corruption ring at the New York Custom House under two of Grant’s appointees. (1872)
    Star Route postal ring – Corrupt system of postal contractors, clerks, and brokers obtained lucrative Star Route postal contracts. (1872)
    Salary grab – Congressmen receive a retroactive $5,000 bonus for previous term served.
    Sanborn contract – John Sanborn charged exorbitant commissions to collect taxes and split the profits among associates. (1874)
    Delano Affair – Interior Secretary Columbus Delano took bribes in exchange for fraudulent land grants. (1875)
    Pratt & Boyd – Attorney General George H. Williams accepted a bribe to not prosecute the Pratt & Boyd company. (1875)
    Whiskey Ring – Corrupt government officials and whiskey makers steal millions of dollars in national tax evasion scam. (1876)
    Trading Post Ring – War Secretary William Belknap takes extortion money from trading contractor at Fort Sill. (1876)
    Cattelism – Secretary of Navy George Robeson receives bribes from Cattell & Company for lucrative Navy contracts. (1876)
    Safe Burglary Conspiracy – Private Secretary Orville Babcock indicted over framing a private citizen for uncovering corrupt Washington contractors. (1876)

    • Oh, I thought of Ulysess S Grant already, invisible mikey, and was already ready for him to pop up in this discussion.

      Obama’s already gotten close to that many, and he’s got more than 2 full years to go yet, my friend!

      And if you go back to the link I posted above in this article where there are MANY MORE scandals, misdeeds, crimes and blunders in this administration…you could qualify at LEAST 5 more (if not 10 more) things Obama has done TO our United States as scandals putting him EASILY ahead of Ulysees S Grant…and…again, he’s got MORE than 2 FULL years left to heap more destruction upon our great country!

      These 5 are just the 5 off the top of my head. Go back to that link I posted above to see the ginormous list! 😉

      • And I’m pretty sure high school students are about to have an UPDATE to the history books just as soon as Obama’s finished his swath of carnage upon our beloved Constitution and our waning American-way-of-life.

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