Target was “Targeted” with the World’s #1 Most Feared Attacks: Cyber Terrorism

Dear Friends,

WARNING:  The information contained in this message is very timely, urgent and of paramount importance.  Please read to the very end.  It’s not very long, but it is VITAL for YOU to give it your utmost of consideration.

Target was “Targeted” with the World’s #1 Most Feared Attacks: Cyber Terrorism

…this issue that brings us to the purpose for this VERY important and URGENT message for all of you:   Cyber Security.
This cannot be understated enough because the world just saw a few short weeks ago 40,000,000 (million) people’s credit card numbers (expiration dates included), names, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses hacked/stolen from Target’s database.  And, in the past few days, Neiman Marcus was also targeted.
These are VERY organized (mostly in Russia), highly-skilled hacker ORGANIZATIONS that are doing this and this is how:
1.  They’re attacking the largest corporations first because they have the largest databases of people like you and me with private information 
2.  They’re using a hybrid hacking method known as “KeyLogging”, but using a Trojan virus to install a program on your computer and record every keystroke of your keyboard (that’s how they get all your info, like the expiration dates and even that 3 digit security code on the back of your credit card).  Yes, it’s that scary and all too real.
3.  They’re systematically hunting the Internet for the companies with the largest databases and working their way down the list until they ultimately will hit every small business and individual person like yourself.
But there are answers and solutions, as opposed to just answers.  Many like to provide mere answers and talk a good talk with all their ideas, but we’ve got solutions for you…
These hacker organizations, with the taste of nearly $100 billion dollars stolen worldwide JUST RECENTLY (yes, ripped right out of the bank accounts of corporations, investment funds, and checking account and credit cards of people like you and me) are going full steam ahead, if not stronger now because they’re hiring more hackers for their army as we speak.

Here is a FREE Short 4-minute VIDEO that will give you a good idea of what we’re facing here with this.

1.  Hop on this free conference call TONIGHT, at 9:50 PM Eastern, 8:50 PM Central, 7:50 PM Mountain and 7:50 PM Pacific:
805-399-1000, PIN 683993#
2.  For a f-r-e-e preview, a couple minute recorded message of tonight’s call, at ANY TIME between now and the time of the live call tonight (which, again is at 9:50 PM Eastern), you may simply dial:
3.  To learn more, if you wish to research/review this before you get on the call tonight, just click here:   
4.  Ask any questions you have, preferably below, so others can see the answers too, or you may call or email me with questions.  Cell:  206-261-7348, eMail: 
God bless you.
~ Adrian and Jocelyn Frank
CEO/Owners of Adrian Frank Consulting 
www  dot  BeEmpoweredHere  dot  com

About Adrian Frank Consulting

I provide Personal and Business Development Coaching to help you in your personal and business endeavors. I am a very much, God-loving, people-loving person who makes it my mission in life to help as many people as I can achieve as much success in life as they desire! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and know that I am available to help you with anything you need.
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  1. If you missed this VITAL information do not worry because we recorded it. So if you were unable to attend the live call tonight, you can listen to the replay at anytime in the next 24 hours (before the next call records over this one):

    805-399-1099, PIN 683993#

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