Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, by Dr. Joel Wallach, Nobel Prize for Medicine Nominee

Dr Joel Wallach

This YouTube Video is LOADED with VALUABLE Natural Medicine Information, Dr. Joel Wallach, who was invited to be nominated for the Nobel Prize for Medicine award.

Dr Joel WallachMy good friend, Jim Dresch, recently shared with me an audio CD that I’ve been listening to in my car until I found it on YouTube.  Thank you, Jim, for sharing this with me!

Cancer CAN be avoided, folks!  Period.

Just click play below and be encouraged by this good news (and why a woman, who had never been to a Doctor, lived to be 161):In this video are excerpts from Dr. Wallach’s famous health lecture “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie.” In this video Dr. Wallach explains the importance of proper nutrition and that by giving your body proper supplementation along with a healthy diet, you can achieve a healthy lifestyle without harmful drugs.Order of Lecture:
1. Veterinary health care
2. America’s longevity (4:25)
3. Dead doctors don’t lie (8:01)
4. Age beating conditions (11:44)
5. Salt & high blood pressure (17:31)
6. Cholesterol & heart disease (20:50)
7. Arthritis & osteoporosis (23:10)
8. Early warning signs (27:43)
9. Copper & aneurysms (31:25)
10. Athletes (35:22)
11. Calcium (37:30)
12. Essential nutrition (40:41)
13. Joint injuries (45:01)
14. Athletes (46:27)
15. Arthritis (48:56)
16. Bone spurs/osteoporosis (51:24)
17. Cancer (51:55)
18. Diabetes (55:28)
19. Alzheimer’s/cholesterol (57:13)
20. ADD/ADHD (59:39)
21. Pregnancy/birth defects (1:02:24)
22. Asthma/ allergies (1:04:33)
23. Safety of supplements (1:08:21)
24. Fibromyalgia (1:09:33)
25. Infant formulas (1:11:00)

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No doubt, if you listened to the video above in its entirety, you found the info useful.  Be a good friend to your friends on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, etc, and share this Dr. Joel Wallach video with them so that they, too, can learn how to avoid cancer.

God bless you.
~ Adrian and Jocelyn Frank
CEO/Owners of Adrian Frank Consulting (free lead generation info)
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