Don’t Worry, Be Happy (About Blogging)!

When I first started blogging online, 2 years ago, I was like many of you:  I didn’t know what to say!


And that made me sad. I had wanted to blog for quite a few years.  But, I stared at that mean, blank, white screen, wondering if the first few words should be “the quick brown fox…”, “why does…”,  or “how to…”… really not knowing what I should blog about. Do I really have anything to say that people like to hear?

I then assumed, naively (and subconsciously), that there wasn’t really anything new that could be said on the web, effectively compounding that problem. Because I also assumed that there are 2.4 billion people online already blogging and saying everything.

Out of the 7 billion people on this planet, 2.4 billion people have access to the Internet.  That certainly doesn’t mean that anything new cannot be said.

bloggingAnd, there certainly IS more that can be said with blogging!  According to a recent study done by Harvard University, there are over a million (1,022,000) words in the English language.   Think about that.

Just in that 3-word phrase, “think about that” there are more than 10 combinations that can be used as a word or phrase.  there are over 340,000 times more words in the English language that can be used, even to create just one sentence!

Now, consider that you can blog anywhere between 100 words to 1,000 (and more) words and get your message out to InternetLand, and be heard.  The search engines will give you authority and ranking if you post good content and lots of it, but you will do better to keep it between 100-400 words and include video (aka “micro-blogging”).  But that’s yet another blog post, so stay tuned (click “follow” to the top left).

Take just 100 words, for instance, which is about one paragraph.  If you can already get more than 10 combinations from 3 words, imagine what you can get from 100 words?  And you’re done with that post!

Enjoy this funny, yet informative YouTube Video that shares 15 interesting words for things you didn’t know had words for:

I will go into more detail in a later post, but here are a few important basics to Micro-blogging (100-200 words):

  1. Blog twice per day
  2. Publish your posts at 8AM and 4PM Eastern Time.
  3. Include video

Just start writing.  With a near-infinite amount of word and word phrase combinations and ways that any particular thought or topic can be said, you will find that you will not run out of topics or how to say anything (the search engines will love you for your unique content).

And the better your blogging content, the more people will like and share your post.  And your original post stays on the Internet – forever!

Read others’ posts.  Spend at least 15 minutes per day reading some news article, a few pages out of a good book, other blog posts on the Internet about any topics that interest you and you will get ideas for your blog posts.

And, again, just start blogging.  Every blog post you write and every piece of content you create, you open up a myriad of opportunities for near future and distant future blog posts.

Do the above, every day, 6 days a week, for 90 days (even if you’re awful at first), and you will achieve in just 3 months what took me 24 months.

You will no longer worry about what to write, and you will be happy that a world of vast blogging opportunity has just been opened up to you!

If you don’t heed what I say, at least…

Listen to Bobby McFerrin on YouTube and…”Don’t worry, be happy now”!

PS – As a gift for simply stopping by, click here for a free leads system that is helping massive amounts of people experience breakthrough in getting their message out and generating quality leads for their business, charity, cause, or anything.

God bless you.
~ Adrian and Jocelyn Frank
CEO/Owners of Adrian Frank Consulting (free lead generation info)

About Adrian Frank Consulting

I provide Personal and Business Development Coaching to help you in your personal and business endeavors. I am a very much, God-loving, people-loving person who makes it my mission in life to help as many people as I can achieve as much success in life as they desire! Feel free to ask me any questions you may have and know that I am available to help you with anything you need.
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