Are You Still There? (Are You Being Heard on the Internet)?

If you have ever called into customer service about your cell phone bill, cable or internet bill, utility bill, etc, while your multi-tasking on your computer…

Internet…and forgot that you had just placed a call to Verizon, or Comcast…then you probably heard “Are you still there” after the automated system went through those 5 or 6 worthless options of what your call might be about and you didn’t press any buttons.



If you’re like me, the problem is that you’ve heard (and ignored), those same blasted menu options, thousands of times over the past 5-10 years that you’ve tuned it out. And this is because you’ve ignored those menu options, pretty much every one of those thousands of times because you strongly desire to just press “0” and get to that wonderful, living, breathing human being whom can truly help you with the question you’re calling about!  And, if you’re like me, that automated “maze of menus” is worthless 99% of the time because if I could do it automated, online or anything like that, I wouldn’t be wasting my time calling in the first place!

Enjoy this funny video montage of customer service fails:

All the above is merely prelude to the real purpose of this writing:  to help you discover if your website is “still there” among the millions of websites on the Internet.

Say someone types in “Chicken Recipes” into one of the major search engines.  This is not an official stat or anything like that, but 99% of the websites, blogs, etc will never been seen because there were about 155,000,000 results and their page ended up on page 47,256.

Are YOU still there (on the internet)?

InternetIf this is you, and chances are, it is.  Then, just like in the illustration at the top of this article, you’re “tuned out from that maze of options“, and the 2.4 billion people who currently have access to the Internet.  Sure, you’ll be ranked for some search terms so you will see some traffic, but you’re an obscure island in a massive ocean.

The good news is that there is a vast array of tools, a myriad of methods, and a seemingly endless supply of strategies to implement on the internet, and many are effective.  I couldn’t possibly cover in one article, but I will leave you with what I believe to be the two most vital methods that you should start with (and will provide more in later articles, so “stay tuned“).  😉

To wit:

1.  Blog (and don’t worry about having enough things to say), using WordPress, at least twice per day, at 8AM and 4PM Eastern. These two are the times when more people are logging on and searching the Internet before they go to work in the morning, and just before most get home from work in the afternoon/early evening.  If you blog a 3rd time in the day, do it at 10PM Eastern when many are hanging out on Facebook, Google Plus, etc.  Be sure to link your social media sites in WordPress so that your posts automatically syndicate to your social media sites.

2. Include pictures and video.  This will increase your visitors’ “time on site” that increases your search engine authority, and greatly enhances your guests’ experience.Internet

Questions?  Comments?  Please leave them in the comments section below and click “follow” in the upper left-hand corner of the screen so that you stay tuned into more vital info to take your search engine authority on the internet to the next 100 levels (this “next level” stuff is not good enough for me).

And, as a “thank you” for stopping by here is a free gift.  This is a free lead system that will help you generate a good amount of leads for free.  Just click here now to go to  And, bear in mind, that these are not just “free leads”.  You will generate quality and targeted leads that you can specifically target to literally anything you’re promoting.


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