Review and Studies Done on this Patented “LactoSpore” ProBiotic

The video embedded below demonstrates the plenteous and comprehensive live testing that has been done on our ProBiotic, ImmuniPro, that utilizes the patented “LactoSpore” Technology.

probioticOne of the biggest things about ImmuniPro that makes it so effective and why we’re seeing so many great results (this video here shares results in the form of live trials and lab tests, and only on PhytAlive! – ImmuniPro test results are forthcoming very soon) is that ImmuniPro uses “sporogenes”, essentially meaning, the good bacteria is in spore form.

Why is that important to you?  Well you know what spores do, by nature, right?  They have virtually no other function, but to attach themselves to things. These sporogenes attach themselves to the roots of bad bacteria, viruses, cancer, fungi and parasites and kills them.

But another of the biggest reasons that taking a ProBiotic in the spore form is so vitally important is that:

  • Due to spore forming nature, LactoSpore survives manufacturing, shipping and storage with no loss of viable content.
  • Does not require refrigeration conditions.
  • It’s room temperature stable.

The problem is that, while refrigerated forms of probiotics are good too, there is always the human element.  If you forget to get them into your refrigerator at home or leave that refrigerated form of your probiotic in your car for just a short period of time, many, if not all of the good bacteria will die before you get home rendering it far less effective!

ProBioticAnd, of course, our ImmuniPro ProBiotic with this patented breakthrough technology that no other company has, also has Beta Glucans in it, just to be clear about that.

YouTube Video with valuable information about our patented, exclusive LactoSpore technology and the extensive testing that has been done on it – just click the play button:

I’m glad you enjoyed the valuable information about this probiotic in the video embedded here and the video link further above in this article of the live testing by Dr. Cindy Bates that she’s done on our PhytAlive! (testing currently being done on ImmuniPro and results coming out very soon – stay tuned) liquid supplement that is derived from about 70-80 super fruits, vegetables and plants.

If you want to learn more about LifeSpan Global’s ImmuniPro and PhytAlive! complete “heath tandem” and help yourself out with valuable information that is literally changing thousands of people’s lives, simply go (click or copy and paste) here: (fill out the short survey after watching the Dr. Cindy Bates video)

Additionally, Click Here for a short 2-page PDF flyer on the ImmuniPro probiotic that will give you a nice, concise overview of it and what it can do for you.

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3 Responses to Review and Studies Done on this Patented “LactoSpore” ProBiotic

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  2. renelmiller0120 says:

    Hi it’s Rene. We have run into each other several times here and there. I spoke to you about the killer Candida? do you recall? Anyway, I am considering becoming a member of a group that is marketing a line of special health aids such as the probiotic that you speak of here. The one thing that I was kind of curious about with them is that they have a form of iconic silver that they say is used for this Candida killer. I am getting ready to put up a blog post and FB page so that when I do get joined to the group that I finally chose and feel more comfortable with; I will be able to begin posting and telling more people about all this good stuff they should be doing with their bodies. Do you and your wife have a particular Brand for the products that you are mentioning in these posts that I am reading? Seems like there are several good ones but I want to be especially sure about which I do pick. I don’t know that people would feel great about taking iconic silver to kill bad stuff in their gut or intestinal tracts? Please? what do you think? Could you email me?

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