Are You Jealous? Are You Interested in a “Cure” for Jealousy?


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If you ask me if I am jealous of you I believe I can honestly say that I’m not.


And I don’t care if you are the greatest person in the world (no one has garnered more followers than Jesus Christ, so 2nd greatest, let’s say). I will not be jealous of you.

But how, you may ask.  Are you for real? Adrian, do you truly believe that you’re not jealous of anyone?

Well, in a word:  yes.  But it’s not because of my own accomplishments. And it’s not based on any kind of performance on my part or your performance being better than mine or anything like that.

If you want the cure for jealousy, I’ll tell you what I believe it is, but one good step in the right direction for you would be to stop comparing yourself to other people. The very nano-second your brain thinks the thought that compares yourself to someone you are now being biased.  You are biased, either putting yourself down, or, I believe is worse, biased that you’re better than others.

If you think you’re better than others, be forewarned.  Because the Bible says that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Now, in the Greek, the more accurate translation of the word “oppose” is that “God sets His armies of Heaven in array against (the proud)”!

But here is the long-awaited, simple cure for jealousy:  cheer on others’ successes.

I’m very serious about that. When you do that, you let go of bias, you free yourself from comparing yourself to them, you make a new friend and you encourage them to do better! And when people do better, we all win.  It’s true. Perhaps you cannot see how that is, and I won’t go into all the reasons why I believe we all win when others succeed.  But I have quite a few of these reasons in my brain (I’m a Thinker) and will create another blog post on that topic at a future date.

Here is a really good YouTube Video that is less than 5 minutes short and has some good insights into Dealing With Jealousy.  Enjoy!


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