Blackberry, Cranberry and Acai, and What These PhytAlive Ingredients Do For You

PhytAlive!, is a comprehensive and very well-balanced liquid nutritional vitamin and mineral supplement, so here are 3 more out of the 61 super fruits, veggies and plants that it contains and what each one does for you and your health.

Because each ingredient has a large number of ways that it helps you, and there are over 60 ingredients in liquid form (the best absorption at the cellular level) in PhytAlive!, here are the next 3 out of 61. 

Click here for the previous batch (which is Grapefruit, Mangosteen and Milk Thistle Seed).  Or, Click here for the next batch (Aronia/ChokeBerry, Grape Seed and Acerola).




1. Powerful Antioxidants – Blackberries contain a profuse amount of powerful antioxidant which protects the body in multiple ways. Components such as phenolic acids, flavonoids and flavonols particularly anthocyanosides present in blackberries work against the harmful oxygen free molecules and counteract their action. This protective radical scavenging activity protects the body from a range of diseases caused as consequence of oxidative damage which may be the underlying cause of many fatal conditions.

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2. Anti-cancer properties – Blackberry fruit is effective against the development of cancer including lung cancer, colon cancer and esophageal cancer. The micronutrients present in blackberries exert chemopreventive effect and prevents the proliferation of malignant cells. Various scientific research conducted onblackberries have advocated this fact and have attributed the anti-cancer activity to the abundance of anthocyanins and other phytochemicals such as ellagic acid and cyaniding-3-glucoside which inhibits tumor growth and metastasis.

3. Defense against endothelial dysfunction – Blackberries provides protection against the endothelial dysfunction which is characterized by the abnormal functioning of inner lining of blood vessels. As suggested by scientific studies, it contains useful components such as cyaniding-3-O-glucoside which fights the oxidative activity and helps in the normalizing multiple critical factors implicated in such conditions. It helps in reducing the DNA damage and guards against vascular failure.

4. Cognitive benefits – Blackberry also extends its beneficial effect in improving the cognitive functions of the body. Research studies have suggested that polyphenolic components present in blackberries help retard the age-related decline in motor and cognitive activity attributing to their super antioxidant power. Regular consumption of blackberry may prove useful in enhancing the memory performance and improves behavioral and neuronal functions.

5. Improved digestive health – Blackberries are a source of both insoluble and soluble fiber essential for the optimum functioning of digestive system. Insoluble fiber in blackberries encourages easy and better absorption of water in the large intestine and adds bulk to the stools. This aids in regular bowel movements, freedom from constipation and apt digestive health.

6. Healthy heart – Richness of flavonols such as anthocyanins in blackberries makes it a heart friendly fruit. Other useful components such as magnesium and fiber content present in blackberries prevent the arteries from getting blocked and stimulates smooth blow of blood. This reduces the risk of various heart diseases such as stroke, atherosclerosis and maintains cardiovascular health. Magnesium content in blackberries also helps in regulating the blood pressure and prevents cardiac arrhythmia and irregular contraction.

7. Immunity booster – Blackberries help in improving the immune system of the body attributing to the presence of phytoestrogens, vitamins and minerals. Regular consumption of blackberries helps fight various pathogens and protects from body from infections and other fatal illnesses.

8. Aids in weight management – Owing to very low amounts of sugar, blackberries assist in healthy weight management. Effective cleaning of the bowels owing to the fiber content in blackberries and very few amounts of calories makes it an excellent snack during the weight loss attempts.

9. Healthy bones – Blackberry contains vital minerals such as magnesium and calcium which are essential for maintain healthy bones. Calcium strengthens the bones and magnesium content in the blackberries facilitates the absorption of calcium and potassium in the body. In addition to this, phosphorus mineral present in blackberries aids in regulation of calcium and assists in building strong bones and contributes in proper cellular functioning.

10. Skin care – Blackberry can serve you as a delicious aid in maintaining beautiful skin. It is packed with multiple skin friendly nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E and other potent antioxidants. Vitamin E present in blackberry helps in maintaining the health of skin fats and prevents the skin from wrinkles. Apart from protecting the skin from oxidative damage, vitamin C present in blackberry is also responsible for the formation and strengthening of collagen structure which is the basis of connective tissue and aids in keeping the skin toned and tightened.

11. Healthy eyes – Blackberry is useful for maintaining healthy eyes. Regular consumption of blackberries helps in protecting the eyes from ultra-violet radiations attributing to the presence of lutein. Lutein forms protective pigment in the area behind the retina, also known as macula and prevents it from the damage caused by oxidative stress and high wavelength light radiations. Furthermore, anthocyanosides and vitamin content present in blackberries enhances the vision and protect the eyes from various diseases such as macular degeneration, cataract and night blindness.

12. Normal blood clotting – Blackberries contains good amount of vitamin K which helps in normal clotting of blood. It helps in preventing excessive bleeding from even slight injuries and aids in healing wounds. Vitamin K present in blackberries is also essential for protein modification and plays an important role in protecting bones from osteoporosis.

13. Useful in pregnancy – Blackberries may prove helpful for pregnant women. As a source of natural folate, blackberry contributes in optimum growth of the cells and tissues and helps reduce the risk of birth defects in the babies. Folate is anyway a critical nutrient required for better cellular functioning for all age groups. Vitamin C and other antioxidants help boost the disease fighting power of the expectant mother and presence of essential minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium and phosphorous in blackberry strengthens the bones and contribute in keeping her healthy. Besides it has a refreshing taste which makes it a healthy option for a quick snack during pregnancy.

14. Culinary usage – Blackberries can be added to fresh fruit salads, baked goods such as tarts, cakes and pies or to prepare jellies or preserves. They can also be combined with other fruits to prepare fruit salsa which can be served with crisps and chips. Blackberry serves as a delicious topping over various desserts including ice creams. Blackberries are also used in the preparation of wines and are available in canned and dried form as well.

15. Miscellaneous Benefits – The Blackberry plant has been found effective in curing diarrhea and dysentery since the earlier times and also have been a topic of interest for modern research. This attributes to the abundance of astringent tannins in the herb which helps control such conditions in the digestive tract. Another benefit of astringent tannins in the blackberry plant is their healing effecting on the wounds. External application of tincture or infusion made from blackberry leaves helps in the constriction of blood vessels and cure small injuries. The astringent qualities of blackberry leaf may also prove useful in soothing sore throat and treating hemorrhoids.



1. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) – Urinary tract infections refer to the existence of certain micro-organisms in the urine that exceed normal levels. These infections can develop in the bladder and cause cystitis, in the kidney to cause renal parenchyma, or in the prostate resulting in bacterial prostatitis. Studies have shown that the cranberry juice contains proanthocyanidins that possess anti-clinging properties, which prevent the bacteria from binding itself to the cells on the walls of the bladder. These compounds prevent these bacteria from multiplying and further and flush them out of the body through urination. Research shows that drinking cranberry juice regularly can help prevent recurring UTIs in middle-aged women and pregnant women. Regular intake of cranberry juice has also been proven beneficial for patients undergoing other treatments in the hospitals as a guard against the urinary tract diseases. However, cranberry juice is not effective in treating UTIs once you have the infection, and is only a preventative measure.

2. Anti-Tumor Effects – The anti-tumor efficacy offered by cranberry juice is attributed to the presence of polyphenolic compounds within the fruit. Studies have suggested that regular consumption of cranberry juice inhibits the development and spread of lung, breast, colon, prostate and other cancerous tumors. Cranberry juice contains a high amount of salicylic acid which can help reduce swelling, prevent blood clots, and eliminate tumors.

3. Cardiovascular Health – Cranberry juice can help lower the risk of heart related ailments and assist in sustaining cardiovascular health. The flavonoids present in cranberries have antioxidant properties and may decrease the threat of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a disease in which the arteries are narrowed due to the build-up of fat, calcium, and cholesterol found in the blood. This obstructs the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the various parts of the body and may lead to potentially fatal outcomes like heart attacks and strokes. These compounds have been shown to delay and suppress the oxidation of low density lipoprotein (LDL) and beneficially stimulate the blood platelets.

4. Prevents Tooth Decay – According to new research studies, cranberry juice prevents tooth cavities. Proanthocyanidine, a chemical compound present in cranberries, inhibits the harmful bacteria from clinging to the teeth. These components inhibit acid production and protect the teeth from periodontal disease by preventing the growth of plaque. Good oral hygiene, along with the consumption of cranberries, disrupts the pathogenic mechanism of dental caries and generally makes for good dental health. At the same time, one should watch out for the soaring sugar content and the acidity of some commercially available cranberry juices – natural juice is always better!

5. Avoid Respiratory Infections – According to conducted studies, cranberry juice helps to inhibit certain strains of the Haemophilus influenza, which is a common cause of ear and respiratory infections in children. The juice inhibits the bacteria’s hair-like structures, inhibiting them from adhering to the surface of the skin.

6. Prevents Cancer – Cranberry contains proanthocyanidins, which inhibit the growth of various cancer cells.  Studies have suggested that diets rich in flavonoids play a fundamental role in reducing the risk of cancer and cancer mortality. Cranberry juice contains anti-carcinogenic components that interfere with the growth of cancer cells, particularly those associated with colon and prostate cancer. According to studies, proanthocyanidins can stop micro-tumors from developing in the blood vessels. Regular consumption of cranberry juice prevents the rapid growth of tumors. Chemicals in cranberries also prevent the multiplication of breast cancer cells.

7. Strengthens Bones and Teeth – Although cranberry juice is a natural source of calcium, many juice companies add extra calcium to cranberry juice. Natural or otherwise, calcium reduces the risk of getting osteoporosis.

8. Good Against Obesity – Cranberry juice is rich in organic acids, which have an emulsifying effect on the fat deposits in our body. So, it is good for people who want to shed those extra pounds.

9. Prevents Kidney Stones – The high amount of acid components in cranberry juice prevents kidney stone formation.

10. Peptic Ulcers – Peptic ulcers are caused by a type of bacteria called Helicobacter pylori or H.pylori. This microorganism attacks the protective layer of the stomach and duodenum, which is the first part of intestine. This may lead to further inflammation of the stomach lining. Foods rich in flavonoids, a category that includes anthocyanins, flavonols and proanthocyanidins, like cranberries, apples and garlic helps reduce the risk of stomach disorders, including stomach ulcers, by inhibiting the growth of H. pylori bacteria. An investigative study performed on a group of patients having that type of stomach disorders showed a 50% advantage over patients that didn’t consume cranberry juice. Therefore, doctors commonly advise the regular intake of cranberry juice to suppress the infection.

11. Scurvy – Deficiency of vitamin-C in an individual can result in scurvy. Cranberries provide high levels of vitamin-C, which is also vital for the body to make collagen, the main component behind the healthy functioning of tissues.

12. Lung Inflammation – The anti-inflammatory effects of cranberry juice have been proven to be effective against the inflammation caused in the lungs by the influenza virus. A substance called nondialyzable material or NDM present in the cranberries prevents the influenza virus from sticking to the cells and hence preventing a flu infection.

13. Anti-Aging Benefits – The USDA scientists at the human research center suggest that the wealth of phytonutrients and antioxidants present in cranberries play a vital role in providing protection against the problems that develop with age such as memory loss and lack of coordination.Cranberries have a multitude of therapeutic properties that protect the cells from the damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals that contribute to aging, thereby making the skin look younger.



1. Antioxidant – This fruit contains a powerful antioxidant that plays an important role in keeping the body to stay healthy. Antioxidants are needed to help cleanse the body of toxins and waste, and help repair cell damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are also important for maintaining heart health.

2. Rich in Anthocyanins – Acai berry is one of the best sources of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins and flavonoids are powerful antioxidants that help defend the body against stress pressure. They also have an important role in the Prevention of body cell system. Free radicals are harmful byproducts produced by the body. In addition to acai berry, red wine (red wine) will also contain these compounds. But unlike red wine, acai berry does not contain alcohol that can actually have a negative impact on health, especially if consumed in excess.

3. Heart Health – Acai berry also contains a lot of omega-6 and Omega-9. Both of these fatty acids are important for maintaining heart health. Not only the heart, fatty acids can also help protect entire cardiovascular system.

4. Lower Cholesterol – Some studies also show that both these fatty acids can help lower cholesterol. Again, lower cholesterol levels will also mean more heart healthy.

5. Digestive Health – Acai berry is also a source of fiber and protein. Both of these substances are good for digestion and heart. Acai berry is is known effectively maintain a healthy digestive system, liver health, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Detoxifying – Acai berry is also known to be effective as a detoxifying agent that helps remove toxins from the body.

7. Anti-Aging – Not only that, acai berry is believed to slow the aging process. Although there is no hard evidence of this, acai berry antioxidants thought able to making skin look younger. Antioxidants help slow down the aging process to prevent skin cell damage caused by free radicals. Anthocyanins in acay berry could also affect good for skin appearance. But once again, further studies are needed to substantiate this claim.

8. Increase Energy and Stamina – Acai berry can also increase energy and stamina. Both are needed to keep the body fit to perform daily activities.

To discover more about PhytAlive! that contains the 3 above super fruits and over 60 other super fruits, veggies and plants in liquid form, contact me now.


God Bless You!

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