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The Epitome of Stupidity

What IS this “Epitome of Stupidity”? Continue reading

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A NEW Word! Have you yet heard of a “Toucheption” in Professional Football? Would you say it was the Green Bay Packers or Seattle Seahawks who completed the “Toucheption”? ;)

Note: This is a reblog from back in 2012 A BRAND NEW word for the Green Bay Packers, the Seattle Seahawks, and the English language: “Toucheption”!   The NFL’S Replacement Refs (due to the regular NFL Refs striking), which my … Continue reading

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The Happiest of People, Talk More

Do you know someone who talks a lot?

Well, I have quite a few friends who are like this! But I’m “guilty” as well. I tend to talk quite a bit in my conversations also.

But is it true that the happiest of people do talk more? Continue reading

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