The Epitome of Stupidity

Have you heard about this yet? United Airlines security personnel dragged a passenger off the plane, with a host of cell phones recording it.

What I’m having a difficult time understanding, is how are these kinds of things still happening, when the perpetrators know they are going to be recorded on video by a myriad of witnesses?  And to be honest, I am appalled at this.  Justice will be done for this Doctor.

Special Kind of Stupid

And with “viral videos” being the new currency of the Internet, many people even expect they’re going to make money off of your blatant disregard for decency.

Here’s this “epitome of stupidity”, literally, on display for the whole world to see:

United Airlines Stock

One of my Facebook friends said “now would be a good time to short United Airlines stock”.  Probably a good idea.  Way to go, United.

Here’s the first video meme I’ve seen thus far (no doubt the first of many more to come), that, tongue-in-cheek, is appropriate:

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