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“Unless you care about helping other people, it doesn’t matter how smart you are”

Dr. Ben Carson attended Yale, the University of Michigan, and was Direct of Pediatric Neuro-surgery at Johns Hopkins University and received over 50 honorary doctorates.

He is considered by many to be the best neuro-surgeon in the world…shouldn’t we hear what he has to say (click to continue)?

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The Hard to Swallow Truth and Facts About Fluoride in Your Water

THE HARD TO SWALLOW TRUTH AND FACTS ABOUT FLUORIDE IN YOUR WATER Posted by Adrian Frank on June 19, 2012   photo by SO WHAT ARE THE “HARD TO SWALLOW” FACTS ABOUT FLUORIDE IN YOUR WATER? “What is fluoride?” “Sodium fluoride, … Continue reading

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More Scandals Than Any Other President in History?

To my memory, I don’t remember a SINGLE American president in our entire history whom has accumulated more SCANDALS in his administration than our current sitting president!

And, bear in mind, he’s not done yet…and this is just a PARTIAL LIST:

Spying on German Chancellor
IRS Targeting
Spying on Reporters
Inadequate security at Benghazi attacks
Operation Fast and Furious Continue reading

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