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Review of Google Play Apps: MXMariner ($6.99) and MX Tides (Free) by my Good Friend, Will Kamp

These two powerful and technologically sound apps, MX Tides (Free) and MX Mariner (only $6.99) made by my good friend, Will Kamp, are highly rated and heavily used by most of the most active sea-going vessels and many, if not most of the best mariners on the waters today. Continue reading

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Hackers Recently Ripped off OVER $100,000,000 from Target and Target’s Customers – Read and Watch FREE VIDEO Below to Learn How to Protect YOURSELF

Hackers Recently Ripped off an Estimated, and CLIMBING: $100,000,000 (million) from Target and Target’s Customers. And, of course, they’re coming after YOUR money, including everyone around YOU. It is being said by experts in the Cyber Security industry that it’s … Continue reading

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Target was “Targeted” with the World’s #1 Most Feared Attacks: Cyber Terrorism

WARNING: The information contained in this message is very timely, urgent and of paramount importance. Please read to the very end. It’s not very long, but it is VITAL for YOU to give it your utmost of consideration. Continue reading

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PayPal Can Now Be Used to Pay for Apps and Services on Samsung Devices

PayPal funds can now be used to purchase apps and more on Samsung devices. But the options do not stop there. Paypal can also be used for developers to collect payments from clients.
Continue reading

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