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Could You Use an Extra $400?

$400 would be nice, right? But how about $400, 5 times over? 10 times over? 50 times over… or more?

This is a huge reality with the brand new launch that is happening
right now.

But that’s just the beginning…(click to continue) Continue reading

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The New Facebook Dance!

While most marketers struggle marketing on Facebook amid all
of the recent changes, others are capitalizing on this new gold

The opportunity to generate leads, revenue, followers, build
your brand, etc. is unlike any other time in history.

The few “in the know” marketers who know how to take advantage
of the the brand new Facebook marketing methods are dancing
all the way to the bank. Continue reading

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Review and Studies Done on this Patented “LactoSpore” ProBiotic

The video embedded below demonstrates the plenteous and comprehensive live testing that has been done on our ProBiotic, ImmuniPro, that utilizes the patented “LactoSpore” Technology.

One of the biggest things about ImmuniPro that makes it so effective and why we’re seeing so many great results (this video here shares results in the form of live trials and lab tests, and only on PhytAlive! – ImmuniPro test results are forthcoming very soon) is that ImmuniPro uses “sporogenes”, essentially meaning, the good bacteria is in spore form. Continue reading

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Dead Doctors Don’t Lie, by Dr. Joel Wallach, Nobel Prize for Medicine Nominee

Cancer TRULY CAN be avoided without modern medicine.

This YouTube Video is LOADED with VALUABLE Natural Medicine Information from Nobel Prize Nominee, Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND.

Including how it is possible that a woman lived to be 161 without ever visiting a Doctor (she’s survived by 6 children in their 120s, 130s, etc). Also, how a man lived to be 167, as documented by National Geographic.

Continue reading

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Review of Google Play Apps: MXMariner ($6.99) and MX Tides (Free) by my Good Friend, Will Kamp

These two powerful and technologically sound apps, MX Tides (Free) and MX Mariner (only $6.99) made by my good friend, Will Kamp, are highly rated and heavily used by most of the most active sea-going vessels and many, if not most of the best mariners on the waters today. Continue reading

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LifeSpan Global Product Review

I recently came across LifeSpan Global, formerly known as LifeSpan International that has a health and wellness breakthrough technology that no other company has.

…and I firmly believe, without a shadow of a doubt, and my personal guarantee to you is that you will be enriched the information contained herein… Continue reading

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My Review on Life Span International’s Main Products

Are you ready to read about something new and exciting you never read about before?

Life Span International’s main two products together, PhytAlive Extreme™ and ImmuniPro™ contain everything your body needs to protect against, and combat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and… Continue reading

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