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Is it Too Late For You to Achieve Greatness?

How old are you? Have you ever felt like you’re too old to make a difference in this world, change history or help millions of people live better lives?

Well, Abraham Lincoln was 40 before anybody knew his name. He was a nobody…(click to continue) Continue reading

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Hackers Recently Ripped off OVER $100,000,000 from Target and Target’s Customers – Read and Watch FREE VIDEO Below to Learn How to Protect YOURSELF

Hackers Recently Ripped off an Estimated, and CLIMBING: $100,000,000 (million) from Target and Target’s Customers. And, of course, they’re coming after YOUR money, including everyone around YOU. It is being said by experts in the Cyber Security industry that it’s … Continue reading

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Top Four Viral YouTube Videos from Last Week, Week Ending Friday, October 18

Enjoy the top 4 Viral YouTube videos from last week, the week ending Friday, October 18.

Here’s a summary (click the link below to watch the videos):

#1 – Baby Taught to Crawl by Huskies?
#2 – $20,000 art sold for $60 in New York’s Central Park?!
#3 – An Elephant Kisses a Bridesmaid at a Wedding in Thailand
#4 – The Worst Parking Exit in the History of the World Continue reading

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Tornado Watch Ends as Storms Travel Through Area

Tornado Watch Ends as Storms Travel Through Area

Heavy winds swept from west to east through the Philadelphia area with a line of showers. However, a widespread tornado watch ended by 4:30 p.m. that included southeastern Pennsylvania counties and New Jersey. Continue reading

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Google Calendar Syncs With Lego Calendar?

Using a camera on a smartphone, a design studio named Vitamins from London, England, created a wall-mounted Lego time planner that can be synchonized with Google Calender. Continue reading

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*(Your Company Name Here)* This is the Type of *Viral* Video Page You Can Create with ViewTrakr

ViewTrakr uses ALL of the TOP FOUR mediums on the Internet that causes things to go viral:

Video Sharing
Social Media Sharing
Word of Mouth Advertising
Optimized Keywords

Learn how ViewTrakr truly is the “Perfect Product”: Continue reading

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“Fire Began in Battery After Crash” – Tesla Motors (TSLA)

NEAR SEATTLE – A Tesla ( TSLA ) electric car, the company’s Model S, caught fire in Kent and destroyed the vehicle.

Trooper Chris Webb of WA State patrol said, that this fire happened as the driver of the Tesla ( TSLA ) was driving south on state route 167 through Kent, a suburb of Seattle. Continue reading

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