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Are You Jealous? Are You Interested in a “Cure” for Jealousy?

If you ask me if I am jealous of you I believe I can honestly say that I’m not.

And I don’t care if you are the greatest person in the world (no one has garnered more followers than Jesus Christ, so 2nd greatest, let’s say). I will not be jealous of you.

But how, you may ask. Are you for real? Adrian, do you truly believe that you’re not jealous of anyone? Continue reading

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Got Humility and Maturity?

“Humility and a willingness to improve oneself is the truest sign of maturity”.

Am I qualified to make a statement like this, at the young age of 37 years? If you asked me this question, I would say that, yes, even at 10 years of age I could say this.

How could I?

Well, I could say that at the age of 10, and I actually did say that a few times to a few different people. Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy (About Blogging)!

When I first started blogging online, 2 years ago, I was like many of you: I didn’t know what to say!

And that made me sad. I had wanted to blog for quite a few years. But, I stared at that mean, blank, white screen, wondering if the first few words should be “the car swerved…”, “why does…”, or “how to…”, not knowing what I should blog about. Do I really have anything to say that people like to hear? Continue reading

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