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More Scandals Than Any Other President in History?

To my memory, I don’t remember a SINGLE American president in our entire history whom has accumulated more SCANDALS in his administration than our current sitting president!

And, bear in mind, he’s not done yet…and this is just a PARTIAL LIST:

Spying on German Chancellor
IRS Targeting
Spying on Reporters
Inadequate security at Benghazi attacks
Operation Fast and Furious Continue reading

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Three Elephants are Welcomed to California Sanctuary by Bob Barker

Arriving from Canada, three former zoo elephants’ move to the California sanctuary was paid for by animal activist and “Price is Right” host, Bob Barker.

Late Sunday, the 89-year-old Bob Barker was on hand to welcome the pachyderms to the hills near San Andreas, and to the Performing Animal Welfare Society’s ARK 2000 compound, the Sacramento Bee reported… Continue reading

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Top Four Viral YouTube Videos from Last Week, Week Ending Friday, October 18

Enjoy the top 4 Viral YouTube videos from last week, the week ending Friday, October 18.

Here’s a summary (click the link below to watch the videos):

#1 – Baby Taught to Crawl by Huskies?
#2 – $20,000 art sold for $60 in New York’s Central Park?!
#3 – An Elephant Kisses a Bridesmaid at a Wedding in Thailand
#4 – The Worst Parking Exit in the History of the World Continue reading

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Africa Has 55 Billionaires, a Pan-African Magazine Says

Africa has many more billionaires than previously reported, and 55 of them are worth more than $143 billion, says a pan-African magazine.

This includes a Nigerian woman whom is reported to be the richest black woman in the world! “Move over, Oprah Winfrey”, says Ventures Africa. Continue reading

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Tornado Watch Ends as Storms Travel Through Area

Tornado Watch Ends as Storms Travel Through Area

Heavy winds swept from west to east through the Philadelphia area with a line of showers. However, a widespread tornado watch ended by 4:30 p.m. that included southeastern Pennsylvania counties and New Jersey. Continue reading

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“People Often Say Motivation Doesn’t Last…”

Do you shower or bathe daily? All right then, motivate yourself daily!

Please enjoy this blog post I just wrote, and watch the motivating video embedded therein.

If you’re not motivated after that? Well, then there’s something wrong with you. 😉 Continue reading

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Google Calendar Syncs With Lego Calendar?

Using a camera on a smartphone, a design studio named Vitamins from London, England, created a wall-mounted Lego time planner that can be synchonized with Google Calender. Continue reading

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