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Could You Use an Extra $400?

$400 would be nice, right? But how about $400, 5 times over? 10 times over? 50 times over… or more?

This is a huge reality with the brand new launch that is happening
right now.

But that’s just the beginning…(click to continue) Continue reading

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Hackers Recently Ripped off OVER $100,000,000 from Target and Target’s Customers – Read and Watch FREE VIDEO Below to Learn How to Protect YOURSELF

Hackers Recently Ripped off an Estimated, and CLIMBING: $100,000,000 (million) from Target and Target’s Customers. And, of course, they’re coming after YOUR money, including everyone around YOU. It is being said by experts in the Cyber Security industry that it’s … Continue reading

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*(Your Company Name Here)* This is the Type of *Viral* Video Page You Can Create with ViewTrakr

ViewTrakr uses ALL of the TOP FOUR mediums on the Internet that causes things to go viral:

Video Sharing
Social Media Sharing
Word of Mouth Advertising
Optimized Keywords

Learn how ViewTrakr truly is the “Perfect Product”: Continue reading

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Jefferson Bethke’s “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus” Viral YouTube Video

Have you seen the Viral YouTube Video by Jefferson Bethke entitled “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus”?

Did you know that this well-done poetry video by Jefferson Bethke has garnered almost 26 million views on YouTube in only a year and about 9 months (having already rocketed to 6-7 million views in its first 14 days or so)? Continue reading

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Twitter Announces TweetDeck Support is Cut on Mobile Devices

It’s Official.  Twitter’s TweetDeck support for mobile apps is no more. With the retirement of API v1, Twitter has had to block access to numerous third-party clients. With the introduction of API v1.1, many services will no longer work.   … Continue reading

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