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Is it Too Late For You to Achieve Greatness?

How old are you? Have you ever felt like you’re too old to make a difference in this world, change history or help millions of people live better lives?

Well, Abraham Lincoln was 40 before anybody knew his name. He was a nobody…(click to continue) Continue reading

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“Unless you care about helping other people, it doesn’t matter how smart you are”

Dr. Ben Carson attended Yale, the University of Michigan, and was Direct of Pediatric Neuro-surgery at Johns Hopkins University and received over 50 honorary doctorates.

He is considered by many to be the best neuro-surgeon in the world…shouldn’t we hear what he has to say (click to continue)?

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Could You Use an Extra $400?

$400 would be nice, right? But how about $400, 5 times over? 10 times over? 50 times over… or more?

This is a huge reality with the brand new launch that is happening
right now.

But that’s just the beginning…(click to continue) Continue reading

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“Congratulations! You Have a New $400 Commission!”

How would you like to see your inbox absolutely flooded
with new $400 commission notices that come in non-stop
all hours of the day… every single day of the week?

Then Follow these simple steps (click to continue): Continue reading

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The New Facebook Dance!

While most marketers struggle marketing on Facebook amid all
of the recent changes, others are capitalizing on this new gold

The opportunity to generate leads, revenue, followers, build
your brand, etc. is unlike any other time in history.

The few “in the know” marketers who know how to take advantage
of the the brand new Facebook marketing methods are dancing
all the way to the bank. Continue reading

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Are You Still There? (Are You Being Heard on the Internet)?

If you have ever called into customer service about your cell phone bill, cable or internet bill, utility bill, etc, while your multi-tasking on your computer…

…and forgot that you had just placed a call to Verizon, or Comcast, then you probably heard “Are you still there” after the automated system went through those worthless 5 or 6 options of what your call might be about…

All the above is merely prelude to the real purpose of this writing: to help you discover if your website is “still there” among the millions of websites on the Internet.

Say someone types in “Chicken Recipes” into one of the major search engines… Continue reading

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy (About Blogging)!

When I first started blogging online, 2 years ago, I was like many of you: I didn’t know what to say!

And that made me sad. I had wanted to blog for quite a few years. But, I stared at that mean, blank, white screen, wondering if the first few words should be “the car swerved…”, “why does…”, or “how to…”, not knowing what I should blog about. Do I really have anything to say that people like to hear? Continue reading

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